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An Alternative Dispute Resolution Process That Provides Peaceful, Personal and Private Solutions

Mediation offers peaceful, personal and private solutions that saves money, time and stress.

Mediation offers a quite different approach to resolving conflicts between the parties. A neutral third party-the mediator- assists the parties in sorting out their affairs and comes to a mutual agreement in a confidential private format. Mediation is a solid option even for those that are having trouble with communication. It is a cost-effective process and it avoids the legal war of going to court.

Mediation provides the parties with a method of MUTUALLY and EFFICIENTLY resolving issues in a private, safe and positive environment. With the help of a skilled mediator, the parties reach an agreement COOPERATIVELY rather than a competitive struggle. Unlike the adversarial process, neither party can win at the others expense.

Another role of the mediator is to pay attention to the power of balance between the parties and use specific techniques to address any imbalance that may exist.

Resolutions emerge from the mediation that are created and accepted by BOTH parties. The resolution will reflect each parties individual values and unique needs.
Our experience has shown that settlements created with full participation of the parties, in face-to-face negotiations, are more likely to satisfy the needs of all parties and be honored in the future because they have crafted it themselves.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • The parties control their own decisions
  • Because the decisions are their own, the parties are far more likely to comply with their final agreements. Post-divorce conflict, with potential litigation and additional costs, is less likely to occur
  • Mediation is faster than litigation
  • Mediation is less expensive than litigation


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